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Neuro-Developmental (ND) Therapy is a non-invasive and drug free treatment that can help with Specific Learning Difficulties and anxiety problems. It is a clinical programme devised at the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) involving the routine performance of a series of developmental exercises carried out for a few minutes each day. The movements are based on physical developmental phases expected to have taken place during the first year of life.

All students accepted into Great Oaks Small School are screened for Neuro-Developmental Immaturity (NDI) and participate in our whole school programme at school or individualised programme while at home. All students are expected to participate in a movement programme dependent upon their neurological profile.

Your child’s neurological profile is measured by assessing for any delay in a stage, or more often stages, in early development, that can affect co-ordination and learning.  Each of us is born with a set of reflexes (sometimes known as ‘survival’ reflexes), which should lay dormant during the first year of life or be controlled by higher brain function.  If these reflexes are not matured at the correct time, they remain ‘active’ in the body, and can interfere with motor control, eye function, hand-eye co-ordination and perceptual skills, often leading to reading and writing problems, in turn adding to academic underachievement generally.

With the essential ingredient of fun, in a relaxed atmosphere, we engage in a set of specified movements designed to give me information about immaturities within your child’s nervous system.  

In your presence, extensive tests to assess co-ordination, balance, the patterns of motor development, presence of infant reflexes, laterality, oculo-motor functioning, visual-perceptual ability and visual-motor integration performance will be carried out. I will analyse my findings and you and your child will be invited back to share the results, upon which an individualized Neuro-Developmental programme will be prescribed.

The therapy consists of a series of movements carried out at home, lasting only a few minutes each day. It is important to note that the prescribed movements can only be carried out with the supervision and aid of a trusted adult, under the direction of a licensed Practitioner. You will need to return for review appointments with your child once per term, over the course of approximately two years.

The INPP Neuro-Developmental Therapy program helps the nervous system to mature, enabling both movement and thinking to take place more freely. As improved co-ordination becomes a learned integrated function rather than a skill that has only been learned as a result of practice, both academic and emotional performance is improved.


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